Over Seeding

over seeding

Over Seeding

Overseeding is a vital aspect of lawn maintenance that involves spreading grass seeds over existing turf to fill in bare patches, improve density, and enhance overall lawn health. At Mow Pro Tulsa, our overseeding service is designed to rejuvenate your lawn and promote lush, vibrant turf.

Benefits of Professional Over Seeding Service

Thickens Turf Coverage
Overseeding helps fill in thin or bare areas in your lawn, resulting in a thicker, more uniform turf coverage that enhances the overall appearance of your yard.

Enhances Grass Density
By introducing new grass seeds, overseeding promotes increased grass density, making your lawn more resilient to foot traffic, pests, and environmental stressors.

Improves Grass Variety
Introducing different grass species through overseeding can help diversify your lawn’s genetic makeup, making it more resistant to diseases and environmental conditions.

Fills Bare Patches
Overseeding effectively fills in bare patches caused by factors such as drought, disease, or heavy foot traffic, restoring your lawn’s lush green appearance.

Promotes Long-Term Lawn Health
Regular overseeding helps maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn by replenishing grass populations, preventing soil erosion, and improving overall turf quality over time.



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